The LifeWorld Program

VDF Consulting offers clients the LifeWorld Program, comprised of three tiers. What suits each client best depends on the skillset and expertise that are ideally suited to clients’ goals.


We work with clients on strategies for message delivery in verbal, written, and visual form: coaching for sales meetings and presentations, writing and editing, and assessment and coordination of individual and team communication. At this tier, the focus is on form, genre, aesthetics and performance.


If tier one focuses on form, tier two is concerned with content and deep structure. We work with clients on conceptualization of ideas, analysis of the ideas’ purpose and potential, and the cohesion of integrated messages. VDF’s collaboration at this tier is substantive and grounded in knowledge of how to organize generative thinking.

Issue-Based Advising

At this level of collaboration, we serve clients by drawing on a decade of published research in certain areas of social, political, and cultural significance. These areas include:

  • The communicative strategies that experts rely on to construct expertise and persuade publics
  • The patterns and habits of digit culture and language
  • Critical perspectives on data and epistemology


LifeWorld is the concept with which the German philosopher Edmund Husserl turned attention to the world that exists all around us – the world that we encounter through lived experience. In the LifeWorld, both individual perceptions and socially shared meaning are contextual – they exist in the real world. Husserl was interested in shifting philosophers’ focus from pure reason and cognition as the main source of insight, to the phenomena (or, stuff) that happen to all of us as we try to make sense of life.

The Crisis of European Sciences and Transcendental Phenomenology: An Introduction to Phenomenological Philosophy