Speaking Engagements

Communicating Through Political Tensions.
Civic Salon of Pittsburgh, League of Women Voters
December 3, 2016

Dr. Hartelius moderated an exploratory discussion among community advocates and leaders on how to communicate productively and ethically within social networks after the 2016 presidential election.


Digital Expertise and the Creative Commons Licenses
Department of Communication, University of Kansas
October 19, 2016

Dr. Hartelius lectured to faculty and graduate students from her current book project on the Gifting Logos.


PaTH Health Systems Leaders Demonstration Project 2015
PaTH Clinical Data Research Network
November 9, 2015

In a team of scientists and scholars, Dr. Hartelius facilitated open-ended deliberation designed to vet and select research topics for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The event brought together multiple stakeholders, including patients, clinicians, health systems leaders. For more information regarding the PaTH Event, see the video.


Communicating Your Research to General Audiences
University of Pittsburgh Honors College

Dr. Hartelius has on several occasions been an invited speaker in an advanced undergraduate research seminar, outlining strategies for translating academic content into an accessible format for a general public.


Big Data and Global Knowledge: A Protagorean Analysis of the United Nations’ Global Pulse
Department of Communication, University of Nebraska Lincoln
October 15, 2015

Dr. Hartelius gave an invited lecture on her research on the United Nations’ reliance on its big data initiative Global Pulse.


Mentoring and Language Philosophy
Critical Lede podcast
April 25, 2013

Dr. Hartelius was a guest during an academic podcast. The episode features her research on how various mentorship practices coincide with mentors’ philosophies of communication.


Scholarly Metrics in a Digital Age
National Communication Association Conference
November 21-24, 2013

Dr. Hartelius and Dr. Gordon Mitchell (University of Pittsburgh) moderated a panel discussion of academic evaluative practices that rely on big data platforms. Dr. Lawrence Martin, founder of Academic Analytics, and several disciplinary leaders participated in an examination of the future of data in university assessment models.