Dr. Hartelius is an expert on experts! In her book, The Rhetoric of Expertise (Lexington, 2011), she identifies a series of communication strategies that experts in various fields (including politics, medicine, history, and digital culture) rely on to construct themselves as experts. She explains that, beyond mastery of a topic or skill expertise is also the outcome of a persuasive effort. Experts are experts because they convince each other and the public that their experience and knowledge are valuable.  Read More.


In multiple research articles and an edited book, Hartelius explains how the general public’s and the news media’s ways of debating immigration construct persons and communities in reference to space and place. Public messages about immigration have significant implications not only in policy-making, but for how we think of security, nationhood, sovereignty, foreignness, and borders. Read More.

Digital Culture

While much research and commentary on digital culture focuses on its constant “newness,” Dr. Hartelius’s work examines how 21st century information technologies shape traditional rhetorical practices, and how rhetorical practices inform the production and management of technologies. Most of her research is about how knowledge production happens in a digital context. Her current book, The Gifting Logos: Expertise in the Digital Commons, is a critical study of how people in networked culture understand and talk about what knowledge means, and how cultural materials (text, imagery, software, design, music, etc.) are created. Read More.